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Buffalo Public Schools principal changes for 2014-15


UPDATE: The new, temporary principal for School 30 is Carlos Villarroel, NOT Demario Strickland, who remains an assistant principal there. Spreadsheet updated. Disregard prior spreadsheet reference to Strickland, whose status was incorrectly provided by the district.

A number of principal assignments are late in coming this year. Nine Buffalo public schools will see new principals, but only four of those schools currently have new, permanent principals assigned to them. Those schools include Harvey Austin Elementary, West Hertel Academy, International School 45 and D'Youville Porter Campus School. Four other schools, BEST School 6, Frank Sedita Academy, School 81, Burgard High School and Bennett High School will not have permanent principals until after the new school year starts.

Below is a link to the list of all the leadership changes, including acting principals serving in a temporary role. We hope to update the list as we receive more information on principal assignments.

Principal changes 2014-15


  • joe

    and they went without a fight, a lawsuit, the administrators union not beefing. they just did their job and went where they were told. WOW!!!!! the teachers could use a lesson from these people.

    • Left is Right, Right is Left

      Yeah, blame the teachers, buddy, because they do the exact same things principals do. You must live such a blissful life walking in ignorance and yet you comment on education. The irony is just too much to pass up on this one.

      • jerkwagon420

        Guy is a complete moron.

    • jerkwagon420

      You are amazed that Principals in Buffalo didn't stand up for themselves ? HA ha ha. Most of them are still hiding under their desks from Pamela Brown's goon/enforcer Mary Guinn like the cowards they were under Fosadele Oladele James Williams' goon/enforcer. You just showed your complete ignorance of how things work in Buffalo Schools, Schmoe.

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